How To Find The Hottest New Outfits

In the market for a hot new fashion item? Of course you are. But sometimes you’re just fed up trying finding something new and exciting. If that sounds like you, then try these five great ways of hunting down the best look.

Tried and Tested Traditional Media

If you’re looking for the big trends, the good old fashion mags like Elle, Vogue, GQ, Esquire, and Allure will reliably deliver the newest in the world of international and local fashion. You probably have your favorite, but it’s worth looking at others—both to make sure you don’t miss anything you might really like and to be a bit more adventurous by stepping out of your comfort zone. And don’t forget the fashion supplements of your local papers—get the fat Sunday edition delivered and have a lovely, lazy, lie-in.

Go to the Source

Almost every brick-and-mortar store, like Forever 21, Gap, and Saks Fifth Avenue, has an online portal where you can browse to your heart’s content. For country-specific trends, Topshop is one of Britain’s most popular brands, MyTheresa is great for that classic European look, and The Good Trade features proudly American clothing designers and brands.

For something a little different and/or vintage, Farfetch features handpicked items from around the globe, and Missguided focuses on somewhat more adventurous designs. And don’t forget the obvious options like Amazon. Just because they sell books, furniture, and tools doesn’t mean they don’t sell great fashion.

Be Influenced

There are so many great fashion bloggers and influencers from which to choose, so dedicate some time to surfing around to find someone who appeals to you—both for their content and their style. You may have to choose substance over style if you want really good information, but the chances are, if you look hard enough, you will find someone who is funny and/or entertaining while also offering useful advice for your particular aesthetics, lifestyle, and/or body type.

Out of the Box

Don’t always do the obvious. Just because you’re looking for great clothes doesn’t mean you have to restrict yourself to fashion sites. Outdoor apparel sites like Patagonia, Fjallraven, and Berghaus offer a range of stylish and practical outfits, as does Swedish outdoor clothing company Houdini—but with a sustainability twist. Aussie icon Drizabone is the source of possibly the coolest foul weather gear on the planet, and Musto is great for sailing wear, whether you’re crossing the Atlantic or chilling on the dock.

Old Style

It sounds quite radical, but you could also walk down the road and look in the stores, especially vintage and second-hand boutiques. And keep an eye out for local up-and-coming designers who sell some truly fantastic garments at local craft fairs and farmers markets.


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