Why The Wrong Earrings Will Ruin Your Entire Look

You’re getting ready for a big event. You meticulously planned out your outfit, your hairstyle, and even your makeup, but once you’re glammed up and ready to go, something just doesn’t look right. Chances are you’re wearing earrings that are wrong for the rest of your outfit.

Earrings are small and easily overlooked, but the impact they have on your overall appearance is huge. Choosing the wrong pair for your face shape, outfit, or occasion can ruin your entire look.

Your earrings don’t flatter your face shape.

The whole point of accessories such as earrings is to draw the eye toward something you wish to highlight or away from something you wish to minimize. Designers understand we humans notice things and make the subconscious decision where to pay close attention to detail based upon overall shapes and movement. Designers use this understanding to their benefit when creating, and you can harness it for your benefit, too.

Drop earrings draw the eye down, creating a slimming and elongating illusion for round faces. Hoops, or other rounded shapes, serve to soften a square face. If you have cheekbones that could cut glass, show them off with simple studs.

You forgot to match your earrings with the rest of your look.

Earrings are one of those small accessories you can wear all the time and easily come to overlook. This can be an image-busting mistake.

Take a couple of extra minutes to ensure your earrings work well with your clothes, hairstyle, and other accessories. Make sure the colors and shapes complement the tones and patterns in your outfit and other accessories. Drop earrings can take over framing the face when you wear updos or half-up styles.

Your earrings are ill-suited for the occasion.

Like any other facet of fashion, different earring styles suit a variety of occasions. Larger, intricate styles may provide a wow factor for formal occasions, but their attention-drawing nature makes them less than ideal – or even damaging – for your image in certain situations. Studs may be simple, but it’s hard to go wrong with an understated classic.


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