The Handheld Steam Iron the Internet Won’t Stop Talking About

I never thought about ironing my clothes when I was younger. At most, I would hang them in the bathroom while I showered and hope that the associated steam would remove any wrinkles. However, after joining corporate America, I knew this wouldn’t cut it anymore. I needed my clothes to look pressed and professional. My mom suggested dry cleaning my outfits after work each week, but there was no way that I could afford that. Plus who has time to go to the dry cleaners every week? Not me. My attempt at a solution took form in the purchase of an iron and board, but after a few well-intentioned attempts, I found that I hated it! It was so big, clunky, and took up most of the space in my apartment. Not to mention time-consuming, rolling out the ironing board took longer in the mornings than I had time for, and it was my least favorite part of the day.

I can’t even begin to tell you how many clothes I had burned. I bought multiple irons and steamers to try and figure out how to properly iron my clothes. It should be simple, but it’s not. Some clothes would turn out perfectly wrinkle-free and others would have huge burn marks. On top of that, even the wrinkle-free clothes had a trace of the burning smell. Even when I thought I had found a good iron, it would calcify almost immediately after a few uses, and I would have to end up buying a new one.

Here’s the worst part. I even burnt myself. Being in a rush every morning doesn’t help, especially when there is a hot iron in the middle of my apartment that is leaking extremely hot steam. The large ironing board took up most of the space in my bedroom, and there is just not much room to maneuver around it! It took forever to set up and waiting for the iron to heat up took even longer. I did not have time before work to deal with the hassle of traditional ironing, I needed to find a convenient and inexpensive alternative ASAP.

THEN, I was scrolling through TikTok when I saw the Nori Press. I did a little research and decided to buy based on a ton of convincing reviews. I knew the Nori Press had to be better than traditional irons and steamers.

When the Nori Press arrived, I was in love! The packaging was adorable, and I realized Nori is “iron” backward. They were literally reinventing the iron, just what I needed. 

The Nori Press is phenomenal. It works just like a hair straightener, simultaneously ironing both sides of the garment. So as a millennial, I will know how to iron efficiently. Besides the cute and easy-to-use design, the Nori comes with 6 fabric-specific heat settings: Poly, Silk, Wool, Cotton, Denim, and Linen. Now not only am I saving so much time in the morning, but my clothes look and smell great! It heats up to the perfect temperature for each fabric. 

Although, I have to say the best part is the safety. There is zero leakage from the steam reservoir, and the Nori automatically shuts off after 10 minutes of non-use, therefore it doesn’t overheat when you forget to unplug it. Now, there is 0 shot of me burning down my entire apartment building. 

The flawless design has left me with clothes that look, feel, and smell like they are fresh from the dry cleaner! I can now go to work confidently and on time! The Nori heats up in under a few minutes, and there’s no need to layout the entire ironing board saving me so much time. On top of that, I just spray their fabric facial before ironing or steaming and my clothes smell wonderful! 

The Nori Press is only $120. It has saved me from buying more cheap irons that break in just a few weeks, and it has saved me $1000s on dry cleaning bills! It’s worth the splurge considering you never have to use a traditional iron again! 

Amanda Allen

Amanda Allen (34) is a Staff Writer for The Daily Post covering Healthy, Beauty, Fashion, and Fitness. In her spare time, she trains for her next marathon and plays with her dog Pico. She enjoys a nice glass of pinot noir and plays tabletop games with her friends.


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