The Valentine’s Day Gift That Reminds My Girlfriend Of Me All Year

valentine's day gift

I discovered real rose bouquets that last for years.

No idea what gift to get your girlfriend or wife this Valentine’s Day that she’ll actually like? I’ve been there. You want to get her something thoughtful and romantic that isn’t corny and you’re sweating. I used to spend lots of time searching for the perfect gift too. But last year I found my girlfriend the perfect gift, and I’m sharing it so you can give your special someone an amazing gift on February 14th that she’ll treasure forever. 

I’m talking about La Fleur Bouquets

These aren’t your typical flowers that wilt or die after a few days. These are real rose and flower bouquets that last years. I gave my girlfriend a present from their limited edition Valentine’s Day Gift Guide Collection and she absolutely loved it! I’m talking jaw-on-the-floor overjoyed. The flowers from La Fleur Bouquets are beautiful, thoughtful, and timeless. 

I used to struggle with Valentine’s Day gifts until I got my girlfriend a present from La Fleur Bouquets.

How do these flowers last so long?

The secret reason La Fleur Bouquets roses last so much longer than typical flowers is their unique preservation process. It gives your roses the look and feel of fresh flowers month after month. Each rose is handpicked to be at the peak of its bloom, ensuring your loved one gets the gorgeous roses she’s always seen in movies and her favorite tv shows. Their signature process makes the roses you buy even more special; these roses can last up to a year without any water! When she sees these flowers, she’s going to all her friends how amazing they are and how thoughtful you were.

What kind of flowers do they offer?

Your girlfriend or wife is going to melt when you give her roses from La Fleur Bouquets.

Just to help out guys like you and me for Valentine’s Day, La Fleur Bouquets has created their limited edition Lifetime of Love Collection. You can choose from a single rose in a glass case that’s straight out of Beauty and the Beast, long stem roses that last three years (yes, you read that right), and so many more. La Fleur Bouquets’ intricate preservation process includes flowers handpicked in Ecuador and delicately arranged by floral stylists who know how happy your wife, girlfriend, or special someone will be when he or she gets them. La Fleur Bouquets’ roses can have up to 50 petals per bloom instead of the typical 30 which means they look absolutely amazing. La Fleur Bouquets also uses afterpay so you can get her these amazing gifts that last years without having to pay for all of it upfront. And these flowers won’t die in the meantime, so it’s like you’re getting her several Valentine’s Day presents at once! 

How do they ship their flowers?

La Fleur Bouquets delivers each bouquet in a custom-designed keepsake box that comes with a hand-stamped wax logo. The result is a timeless, bespoke gift that she’s going to cherish forever. When the box arrived my girlfriend loved the box and packaging so much that she’s kept all of it. 

Will my order arrive before Valentine’s Day?

Yes but time is running out! Get your order into La Fleur Bouquets now to make sure these flowers arrive by Valentine’s Day. They have a limited amount of stock available and a lot of my friends have already gotten their orders in. I used La Fleur Bouquets’ afterpay option to get her this beautiful gift and pay it off over time, so my payment this year is actually cheaper than getting her flowers that will wilt and die fast.

La Fleur Bouquets gifts are the best present you can give her. She’s going to love them and she’ll always remember this February 14th as her most romantic Valentine’s Day ever.

Cal Stephenson

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