Does Your Hair Grow More Slowly After Having Kids?

New moms are in for many surprises. Some memories, like a baby’s first word, are priceless. Others, like post-partum hair loss, are stressful and worrying.

Before you start to freak out, relax. It’s normal to lose hair between two and six months after having the baby. Nine out of ten women will go through this to some degree, but it gets better.

What Causes It?

During pregnancy, your hormones are at their highest levels. Your hair should look great because it never moves out of the growth stage. When you give birth, your system starts to stabilize itself.

The hair moves into a resting stage and eventually into shedding. It may fall out in clumps, or the loss may be barely noticeable.

How Much Post-partum Shedding is Normal?

The average woman loses about 100 hairs a day. After pregnancy, that number may shoot up to 400. It should slow down to normal again about six months after giving birth.

If you’re not sure if your hair loss is normal, speak to your doctor. Pregnancy throws your system out of whack, and this can affect your thyroid. Your doctor may want to run blood tests to check your thyroid function.

Are There Treatments Available?

If post-partum hair loss is bugging you, you might approach a dermatologist for advice. Most women opt to ride it out. The condition is reversible and should right itself within a few months.

The best thing that you can do is to provide your hair with the nutrients it requires. Eat a diet with plenty of protein to support growth.

Wash your hair, as usual, to keep it clean and lay off the styling for a while. You can encourage lush growth by rubbing rosemary tea into your scalp and then drying your hair as usual.

Final Notes

Post-partum hair loss is perfectly normal and shouldn’t trouble you. Your hair will grow back, even if it’s a little more slowly than before.


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