Celebrity Facialist and Her Son Share Their Skincare Knowledge

My name is Patrick Chan and my passion for affordable, luxury skincare started at a young age.

I was born to an iconic master celebrity facialist and learned everything from her for 4 decades.

My mother is Ling Chan, founder of Ling Skin Care, a true rags to riches story of a humble immigrant from Hong Kong with no higher education who moved to NYC in the 1970s to pursue the American Dream of becoming a successful esthetician.

I remember growing up as a child in Brooklyn, NY in the 1980’s my mother would come home at night and tell me stories and show me autographs of celebrities such as Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Diana Ross, Maria Carey, and even Roger Moore (Bond, James Bond, yes 007!). My mom was even in Vogue for her facials! As a child, I was naturally proud, curious, and determined to help my mom grow her success. I would pry further and question my mom, how did you become so successful? Ling explained to me, “These famous Hollywood celebrities and supermodels come to visit me for my Ling signature facial because my facial really works and so they can look and feel their best.”  I thought: WOW, that is amazing.

I vividly recall as a young teenager, Ling gave me a polaroid autograph that was personally addressed to me ‘To Patrick Chan’ signed by Mariah Carey. 

The experience of receiving Mariah Carey’s autograph as a teenager was a catalyst that made me obsessively wonder, ‘how did my mom become so successful?’ I made a determination to myself, when I grow up I will unlock the secrets of her facial to share with everyone.

My purpose and passion in life since has been to connect the dots of personal care and merge it with the everyday person.

Since I suffered from bad acne when I was a teenager into my late twenties. Ling reminded me to stay disciplined to get weekly facials at her namesake Ling Skin Care spa after school to help me clear my skin.

These frequent visits to the spa were the training ground for me to unlock the secrets of a successful facial.

I studied skincare formula and chemistry at UCLA, so that I could join the family business and use my knowledge and research to find ingredients that work effectively to deliver healthy, visible results.

I had tried dozens of techniques to alleviate my acne. One day, my research and development led me to discover oxygen for skincare. In short, without oxygen we would not live, thus I had a breakthrough moment and realized that Oxygen is the first key to healthy skin!

The Ling oxygen facial that I had created was universally popular, and we continued to be known as the Best of the Best Facial in NYC!  My mastery of facial protocols allowed me to travel the world to train therapists on how to deliver WOW results to clients.

The Ling facial protocols that I had created together with Ling were universally popular in NYC and we continued to be known as the Best of the Best Facial in NYC! I began to create award-winning custom LING facial protocols for the most luxurious hotel spas such as Four Seasons, Wynn, Mandarin Oriental, Waldorf Astoria, Venetian, Dream Cruises, and many more.

Ling facials cost upward to $500 at these resorts

Fast forward to 2020, and suddenly all the spas in the world are closed! Now what?! In a moment of despair, I had an ‘Aha’ realization! I understood that my lifelong calling was to deliver a valuable spa experience accessible to everyone. The combination of my 46 years of study and personal experience with Ling’s 72 years of knowledge about Asian beauty secrets led to the creation of The SparkLING Instant DIY Oxygen Facial Kit.

This was a solution to allow people to get a professional-level facial at home. The facial kit is easy to use, only 2 steps, small and portable so it can be kept in a purse, gym bag, etc.

In the SparkLING Instant DIY Oxygen Facial Kit, you are getting 10 facial treatments. All it takes is 2 steps and 10 minutes to mimic a professional-level facial.

With our facial, you will experience 12 features and benefits including:

  1. Hydrating with Squalane & Green Tea Extracts
  2. Renewal with AHA from Glycolic Acid & BHA from Willow Bark Extract
  3. Anti-oxidant with Centella Asiatica & Foti Root Extract
  4. Repair with Arginine & Bamboo extracts
  5. Purifying with Tea Tree Oil & Coconut Acid
  6. Soothing with Aloe Vera & Sodium Hyaluronate
  7. Pore Detox with Charcoal Powder & Kaolin
  8. Softening with Papain & Bromelain Enzymes
  9. Blemish Clearing with Bamboo extract & Vitamin B5
  10. Anti-aging with Centella Asiatica Extract & Superoxide Dismutase
  11. Brightening with Vitamin C & Lactobacillus/Soybean extract
  12. Oxygenate with Perfluocarbon ‘Oxygen Plasma’

Step 1: Instant Peel Pad 

Our Ling signature formula to exfoliate and detox the skin.

I burned and irritated my skin in the past so you don’t have to. My expertise led to me formulate a safe and gentle yet effective peel.  All it takes is 3-5 minutes to exfoliate away the grime, dead and dull skin cells, the pollution accumulated on the face to reveal a fresher, clearer, and brighter complexion.

Step 2: Instant Oxygen Mask

An instantly rejuvenating mask for all skin types. 

All skin needs to breathe! Oxygen is the key to life and also the key to healthy skin! No need to pay $1000 to a dermatologist or plastic surgeon for Carboxy Oxygen injection! Sparkling Instant Oxygen Mask is designed to bring the same costly Oxygen facial treatments once reserved for the lucky everyone at home! A healthier complexion will instantly emerge in a few minutes!

I am proud to share my research and passion with everyone struggling with their skin, by offering an at-home, life-changing facial kit. 

Experience our spa at home, and get yours now!

Patrick Chan

Patrick Chan is the CEO of Ling Skincare. He is a creative visionary with a demonstrated history of innovating and impacting the skincare & spa industry. He is the son of Ling Chan, a celebrity facialist, who is passionate about luxury skin care and Asian beauty secrets.


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